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"Moving Day" at Ninety Nine Entertainment

It is that time again, or as my daughter likes to call it "moving day". My husband, and business partner calls it " there is nothing wrong with it and I am just tired of looking at it all the time, so I need to change it day". This is the day when I totally rearrange either an entire room or just one aspect of that room. This is the moment when a spark of creativity courses through my veins by way of something that I drew inspiration from or just thought that it's purpose would be better served somewhere else. This is a regular occurance in our home and now my sickness has spilled over in to our business. So, I guess that my daughter would refer to today as "moving day" at Ninety Nine Entertainment. We have revamped, altered, rearranged, improved and added new services to our website. We now offer event uplighting! For those of you that have ever attended an event where uplighting was utilized, I am sure you will agree that it adds a whole new dimension to the look and feel of the event. It also makes for fantastic event photos.

As our business expands and we look to the future, we are so thankful for the continued support from our family, friends, and our many new and recurring clients. Thank you for creating memories with us!

Trish Unger

Business Manager/Owner

Ninety Nine Entertainment

Raleigh Event Lighting

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