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Thomas and Ryan Get Married! Raleigh Wedding DJ

We recently had the opportunity to be a part of Ryan Lasher and Thomas Guier's wedding celebration at the beautiful Treyburn Country Club on April 6, 2013. It was a beautiful and perfectly fun evening!

It all started at Mt. Sylvan United Methodist Church which is where Ryan and Thomas' ceremony took place.

The guests started to arrive at 4:45 and as they walked through the front door they were immediately introduced to Daniel Ream of NC Fotobooth! The entire front lobby was transformed into a "mayhem making" photo booth extravaganza!! Daniel was set up and ready to roll and as the first guests arrived they were immediately intrigued with prospect of starting the evening off with a bang and began making memories with Daniel!!

The next stop was the cocktail hour in the bar. I had brought some cocktail music sound for the guests and as they walked into the beautifully furnished and elegant bar area, they were greeted with a classy "jazz vocal" mix of music.

Ryan and Thomas finally made their appearance and their first stop was to take some pictures around the dreamy gardens and landscaping around the property. The photographers on tap for the evening were the fantastic couple from Something Blue Photography, Matt & Crystal Marsh.

It was time for the introductions!! Once the bridal party was introduced, Ryan and Thomas entered the room and the evening had officially begun!

As the couple stepped to the center of the dance floor (and the applause died down), we immediately went right into their first dance as husband and wife. Their choice was John Legend's "Stay with You". They'd rehearsed and timed it perfectly to end the song and dance with a dipping kiss...Perfection!

Ryan's father was introduced, after the first dance to welcome his guests and say a few words to his daughter and his new son-in-law. Once he was done we introduced Kathie Wilkinson (the minister who married the couple) to offer a blessing for the meal. The dinner was served up promptly by Aimee and the Treyburn Country Club staff and was spectacularly delicious!!

We prepared for the toast and cake cutting as dinner wound down. The toasts included Ryan's father, Emily Lynch and Andrew Guier who were the maid of honor and best man. The cake cutting followed the toasts and right after that we brought out Ryan and she invited her father onto the dance floor for her father/daughter dance. Once they left the dance floor Thomas invited his Mom to join him on the dance floor.

Once Ryan and Thomas had danced with their parents I stopped everything.....and invited EVERYONE who was married to come to the dance floor. The floor was packed and the crowd awaited my instructions.... I spoke briefly about celebrating marriage and invited everyone to face their spouse.....and dance I started the song...."Unforgettable by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole". I had excused everyone the dance floor that had been married for 4 hours or less and the crowd erupted in laughter and the Anniversary dance/celebration had begun! 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and on....I excused couples one by one until we had one last couple on the dance floor who'd been married for over 50 years! I encouraged a round of applause and then invited everyone back onto the floor to complete their dances with their loved ones.

The dance floor was then officially opened and the second half of the evening began with a BANG!

We took a break from the dancing to throw the bouquet and the garter and then cranked up the party again through the end of the night!!

The evening was SPECTACULAR and filled with DANCING and FUN HAVING!

Congratulations to Ryan and Thomas Guier!!

Thank you for including Ninety Nine Entertainment in your wedding celebration!!

Kudos to the following teams:

Venue and Staff: Aimee McGuinness and the Treyburn Country Club

Photography: Something Blue Photography (Matt & Crystal Marsh)

Photo Booth: NC Fotobooth ( Daniel Reams)

Music & Entertainment: Ninety Nine Entertainment

Flowers: Flowers by Gary

Cake: Dayna White

Keep on Dancing!

Jim Unger

Professional DJ & Owner

Ninety Nine Entertainment

"The Raleigh Area's Source for Professional DJ Entertainment!"

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