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Bethany & James Crosby Get Married! Raleigh Wedding DJ

Most people believe you have to have special events, like wedding receptions, in a huge, glitzy venue. While that is nice, there are also other options that can provide an evening of elegance, perfection and good times. One of those options is your own back yard! I have provided music and entertainment for 100's of wedding receptions over the years and it never ceases to amaze me how everything can come together in an out-of-the-ordinary location. On September 22, 2012, I had the privilege of providing the music, planning and entertainment for Bethany and James Crosby's wedding reception. This was one of those times where the reception was being held in a back yard. This time the back yard happened to be located in the middle of a beautiful horse farm!

The ceremony took place near the front of the property, within walking distance of the reception. As the ceremony concluded everyone putting the final touches on the reception noticed the crowd began to walk down the road to the next phase of the evening.

Cue the cocktail music!

As the guests walked through the woods, on a lit path to the backyard they were greeted by your truly inviting everyone to view the seating chart poster on the stand near the entrance of the area.

Once everyone had made the transition from the ceremony to the reception area it was time for the lineup and introductions! Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" was the first introduction song that echoed through the woods as we began bringing in the family and bridal party! Once the entire family and bridal party was introduced it was time to shift gears for the couple everyone came to see. I hit the second introduction song and The Darkness' "A Thing Called Love" started and I brought down Mr and Mr.s James Crosby! The crowd erupted in a loud round of applause!

Once Bethany and James made it to the center of the dance floor, I made my way to join them for a very special introduction of James' mother Luci Crosby Ginsberg. She walked up to the dance floor and the crowd met her with a round of applause. Luci welcomed her friends, family and expressed her happiness of the day by congratulating her son and new daughter in law by personally introducing their first dance as husband and wife: Brad Paisley's "Then" (Piano Version).

Once the first dance was over we refreshed the excitement with another round of applause for Bethany and James. At that point I invited the bridal party to sit down or visit the bar and I explained how the next step would happen - Dinner Time! I explained that dinner would be served buffet style and I would be inviting each table, personally, starting with Bethany, James and the bridal party.

The meal was provided by the incredible professionals from Bella Monica in Raleigh. The food was served "buffet style" and was absolutely delicious! The staff was hard working, attentive and professional. Altogether the meal was positively outstanding!!

Once everyone was finished with dinner it was time for the toast and the cutting of the cake. Our two "toasters" for the evening were: Jennifer Brissette, our matron of honor and Heath Northrup, our best man.


The dancing and mayhem went on until almost midnight! The dance floor was over capacity many times and there was a line at the bar all night!

What a fun evening!

The backyard had been transformed into an evening wonderland and everyone had a blast!

Congratulations to Bethany and James Crosby!

Thank you so much for inviting Ninety Nine Entertainment to be a part of your celebration!

Catering and Staff: Bella Monica

Photography: Hannah Ward Photography

Music & Entertainment: Ninety Nine Entertainment

Flowers: Fallon's Flowers

Cake: B Sweet Bakery

Equipment Rental Company: Deejay's Event Rentals

Keep on Dancing!

Jim Unger

Professional DJ & Owner

Ninety Nine Entertainment

"The Raleigh Area's Source for Professional DJ Entertainment!"

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