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Wedding Ceremony Sound & Music ~ Raleigh Wedding DJ

Talk with your Church FIRST.

If you’re having your wedding ceremony in a church or synagogue then remember to look into the music perimeters set forth by the governing group there. There are rules regarding the music, even if you’re a member. It’s not unusual if your church requires that you use their musicians or pianist/organist. Some churches will not allow any secular music to be played in the building what-so-ever. This means you can’t play ANYTHING other than religiously connected music. You’d have to stick to traditional pieces like Pachelbel’s “Cannon in D”, or “Ave Maria” by Franz Schubert.

Silence is NOT Golden!

Every wedding ceremony needs music, and that includes the 30-40 minutes prior to the ceremony. This is your “seating music”. As your guests arrive, you need to have music playing, possibly a hired musician or the wedding DJ playing pre-recorded music. If you choose a wedding DJ, you can play anything you want. The options are unlimited – you can choose classical chamber music, or string quartet arrangements of popular music such as “Vitamin String Quartet” – one of our favorites. You can also choose acoustic music or down beat adult contemporary artists like Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, James Taylor, or you can choose from some of the jazz vocal classic hits of the 30′s through the 60’s. This sets the mood for the rest of the ceremony, but silence should never be an option. A wedding is a celebration and even in the most formal and serene settings there should always be great music!

Background Noise.

If you are having a beach, golf course, waterfall, national park or other type of wedding ceremony then it’s possible and quite likely that music from live musicians will drowned out by background noise, unless they are amplified. Additionally, the officiate, an equally as important piece of the ceremony, will also have difficulty being heard, unless amplified.

Let the Ninety Nine Entertainment DJ Company handle your ceremony sound and music! We provide our unobtrusive ceremony sound package. The ceremony package includes a wireless microphone for your officiate so everyone can hear every word spoken clearly. You will also receive the complete, customized music selection for the ceremony as well as thirty (30) minutes of seating music prior to the ceremony. This package also includes an experienced Ninety Nine Entertainment wedding DJ to control the sound and assist as needed. Our pricing is typically about half of most string ensembles.

We hope this was helpful!

Keep on dancing!

Jim Unger

Professional Raleigh DJ & Owner

Ninety Nine Entertainment

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