Will you be willing to play requests and discuss music ahead of time?
YES! The Ninety Nine Entertainment Raleigh DJ will listen to your suggestions, give you feedback and play from your desired song list. Our DJ will also accept the fact that you may not want certain songs played.

Do you use Professional Equipment?
YES!  At Ninety Nine Entertainment, we do not rent or borrow from other companies or providers.  We purchase all of our own state of the art equipment and we constantly update our equipment with the latest technology.


How much time do you allow for set-up?
Punctuality is a necessity!  The Ninety Nine Entertainment  disc jockey will arrive at least one hour prior to the start time you have requested. The Ninety Nine Entertainment DJ will be setup and in place before your first guest walks through the door.


Do you provide a written contract?
YES!  It is extremely important to have your booking confirmed in writing.

Will you be appropriately dressed for our occasion?
YES!  Please specify the type of apparel that your Ninety Nine Entertainment wedding DJ is expected to wear for your occasion. Formal wear or coat and tie are the most popular forms of attire at wedding. If you are having a "themed" event, make sure your Party DJ is informed.


Will You Drink Alcohol During My Event?
Absolutely Not! Our company policy is: No Drinking of Alcohol or other Intoxicating Substance during ANY performance or during a minimum of 12 Hours before ANY performance!   Your DJ will be clear and energetic every time!​

Will You Act as Master of Ceremonies?
YES!  The Ninety Nine Entertainment wedding DJ or party DJ will use their professional experience and training to make announcements and act as "Master of Ceremonies" to coordinate all pre-planned events.

Can We Meet With You?
YES!  We are happy to schedule a one-on-one consultation for you to ask questions, provide us with special song requests or assist in planning the details of your event.

Can We Request Songs or Types of Music Not to be Played?
YES!  We recommend that you utilize our online music planner to customize the song choices for your event.


Will You Advertise at Our Event?
No and Yes. No, we will not place banners or signs across the DJ area, nor will we announce who we are. It is your event and the spotlight will be on you, not the disc jockey. Yes, if one of your guests request information, we will give them a business card to contact the office at a later time.​

Frequently Asked Questions